Astoria Live Chicken & Meat Market


Astoria Live Chicken & Meat Market


At Astoria Live Chicken & Meat Market, owner Kamal Abdoul provides the freshest poultry and meat available. Abdoul and the Market are especially proud of their ties of service to the Astoria community.

With a record of 14 years of serving statewide New York, Astoria Live Chicken & Meat Market guarantees that each customer will go home with meat and poultry of the highest quality. At the Market, each customer's needs are attended to, and employees of the Market want to give all customers the highest level of service. The Astoria Live Chicken and Meat Market has been built around the idea of creating a joyful community by listening to its customers.

The Market does so by producing grass fed lamb, beef, and chicken, all at the request of customers living in the Astoria community. The Market also caters to Jewish, Christian, and Muslim sensibilities, so every customer is accommodated regardless of dietary practices. In addition to being the first live poultry shop in the Astoria community, the Market aims to attain the top level of customer satisfaction in the area.